‘You look so much more beautiful with a black eye.’ My entire life revolved around staying alive. There was no tomorrow, no next week. Just the now, and an escape plan.’: Young woman escapes domestic violence, finds love with ‘selfless’ man

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“Leaving meant dying and staying meant torture. My mornings consisted of figuring out how much time I had to dry my eyes and wash the blood off before work. How much time I had before he came home to get on my hands and knees and pray for my life. On average? 11 minutes. Then the abuse clock started again. It’s not easy loving a domestic violence survivor, but my partner makes it look easy.” #LoveWhatMattershttps://www.lovewhatmatters.com/you-look-so-much-more-beautiful-with-a-black-eye-my-entire-life-revolved-around-staying-alive-there-was-no-tomorrow-no-next-week-just-the-now-and-an-escape-plan-young-woman-escapes-domest/

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