WYATT! Male on Male Domestic Violence

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WYATT! does a deep dive into those timely and critical issues that impact Gay/SGL (Same-Gender-Loving) men with a diverse set of LGBTQ movers, shakers, and change agents. The podcast is informative, thought-provoking…and sprinkled with sly, spicy (and sometimes salacious!) humor. Simply put, WYATT! is “Eargasm For Tha Grown Folks!”

This installment of WYATT! features Mr. Hartsel Clifton Shirley, an accomplished Gay/SGL (Same-gender loving) author, columnist, and singer/songwriter, who survived the chaotic and violent storm of Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A)! However, Mr. Shirley made his Great Escape from that harrowing and potentially life-threatening experience to claim his Best Life!

In his fervent effort to help victims free themselves from their abusive situations, Hartsel goes into graphic detail about the deplorable actions of his abuser. As well, this dynamic, multi-faceted talent discusses his numerous writing and music projects. And…uh, oh. Madam Pussygalore Cockadoodledoo–Drag Queen Supreme–is in rare form, giving her irreverent and uncensored take on “thangs!” (Now, ‘memba: this eppy of WYATT! is only for Tha Grown Folks!)