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Around this time every year, American mainstream publications come up with a list of words that we shouldn’t take along with us into the New Year. And every year that list is primarily made up of words and phrases generated or re-invigorated by the Black community. 

Every year I get irritated and ticked off right in the midst of the holiday season. 

You can’t take a break for a little while?

…………….or allow me to?

So this year, ‘we’ decided to create our own list of words and phrases we can leave behind in the New Year.


Words and phrases that must end with 2018
1. “Snowflakes”

2. “Stop being sensitive” (Until it’s your issue right? Then it becomes a ‘concern’)

3. “There’s probably more to the story”

4. ” ‘We’ don’t know the whole story”

5. “Black on black crime”

6. “ALL women!” (whenever someone uplifts Black Women but not “All women” at the voting booth)


7. “We” don’t know what actually happened before the video


8. “Stop inserting race into everything” (Too late. It was here when we got here.)


9. “Stop politicizing everything.” (Too late. It was here when we got here.)

10. “He was no angel/She was no angel” (How many of us over the age of two are?)

11. “They have a hard job” (then….shouldn’t they DO it.)

12. “I don’t see color”


13. “People should not lose their job over miscommunication” (you mean racism?)


14. “My (insert black friend/spuse/nanny) said I could say it.”


15. “How come you can say it but I can’t?” (Good luck)


16. “It’s just hair!” (It’s not. Laws, fines, suspensions, and firings tell me so.)


17. “But, No one cares about xyz issue.” (There are always people working on issues. Perhaps they don’t have the power, platform, or your attention.)


18. “You should respect growth.” (*even if I have no receipts or evidence to offer as proof.)


19. “Black people are racist too.” (Black people can be prejudiced or biased. Racism requires systemic power and privilege.) 


20. “Both sides”

But wait…..there’s more!

21. “Why doesn’t she leave?”

22. “Why did she wait all this time to say something?”

23. “I know him and he would never do this!”

24. “Get over it!”

25. “You gotta forgive.

26. “Pray about it.” (only?)

27. “She’s just making these accusations for a come up.”

28. “She’s just making these accusations for a pay day.”

29. “Can men be raped though?”

30. “He knows he liked it.”


Don’t save them y’all. Now when midnight comes, let them go.

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