Women, Tain’t Nobody’s Business Who You Choose to Love (audio)

Audio version of a popular post on WESurviveAbuse.com. Now more than ever, girls and women are potentially exposed to sexual coercion and grooming online. Tonya GJ Prince is sharing some important tips about boundary reinforcement when it comes to dating.



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Post Author: Tonya GJ Prince

With over 26 years of service, Tonya GJ Prince is a leading subject matter expert (SME) in domestic violence and sexual violence. She not only helps victims/Survivors heal, prevent, and overcome domestic and sexual violence; she aids them in helping others. Founder of: WESurviveAbuse.com, SurvivorAffirmations.com, & BraidtheLadder.org Sister Sites SurvivorAffirmations.com WESurviveAbuseBooks.info (free downloads) BraidtheLadder.org SHOP