Women & Girls Around the World: Save Lives, Talk About Your Cervix!


What a deadly thing to say: Don’t talk about your cervix because it hurts “feelings?

Damn that! Not talking about your cervix can be deadly to women. #OnlyWomenHaveCervixes

I don’t find anything remotely “cute”, “funny”, “edgy”, nor “progressive” about saying that it is wrong to talk women and our reproductive organs.

I was one of the millions of girls who had to learn about female reproductive health at an early age. I was sexually abused for most of my childhood. I revealed the secrets that I had been keeping to the family at the age of 13.

Immediately, I had to have a pap smear. My reproductive health has been a terrible saga ever since.

But my necessity to know about all things female health has come in handy when healthcare professionals frequently dismissed my symptoms and pain. Including throughout my pregnancy and all through labor.

On top of that, as a Black woman descendant of Black women and Black girls in slavery, this is my health legacy. And sometimes, a curse.

One that continues to be misunderstood, silenced, and underfunded.

So no. No male. No human being will ever be able to silence me about women’s reproductive health ever again.

The way healthcare systems STILL treat Black women every single day, the time to dilute the excruciating experiences we are still living with is NEVER.

OB/Gyns are saving lives. Thank You. God bless you!


We need new advances yesterday.

Not surprising since these methods were developed on the bodies of Black poor women & Black slaves.

Current testing methods are outdated, painful, & not accessible.

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