Why ‘sorry’ can be a toxic word — and what to say instead

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You may say “sorry” too much. Apologising is a powerful thing when it’s appropriate, but many people fall into the bad habit of apologising for simply existing. It may be because of an early trauma or abusive relationship. By excessively apologising, you can let people walk all over you. Unless you’ve hurt or disrespected someone, there are alternatives to “sorry” that you can try.

You bump into someone in the street — you say sorry. You accidentally forget someone’s birthday — you say sorry. But when someone has wronged or disrespected you, do you say sorry?

You might think no, obviously not. But here’s an example: You’ve arranged an online video meeting with someone for a certain time, but they miss their appointment with you. They offer no explanation, and they phone you back later when you’re busy with something else. Do you still say sorry that you can’t take their call?See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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