Why Emotional Breaks Are So Essential Towards Curing Anxiety

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“Curing Anxiety Shows Up When Your Emotional Health Becomes Priority #1.”

With the multitude of ways for curing anxiety today, there is no doubt that one habit is absolutely necessary. That habit comes down to what I call ‘mini vacations.’ These are short time periods between 2 and 10 minutes to bring balance back to your mental and emotional state. The only problem is that people don’t take the time to provide even 2 minutes towards their overall well-being today, and therefore wonder why they feel so sensitized all the time.

When a person is constantly in a state of doing, the brain begins distorting information and pairing up regular events to threats

These pairings become distortions and soon a person begins to feel sensitized toward things they used to label as normal. This creates a very activated sympathetic system which triggers in the fight or flight response consistently. When this system is activated consistently we are a victim to our modern world, our rational mind checks out, and we begin to associate the world to being a fearful place to be in.

On the opposite spectrum lies the parasympathetic system. This system is responsible for your rest and digest system and regulates a more balanced and homeostatic internal environment. These systems must find balance with each other so that the brain can see things as they are, and not worse than they are.

These mini vacations slow down the brainwave states of a person so that creativity and playfulness can arise 

Many anxiety sufferers fill up their to-do lists to cover up the very thing their too scared to face. Past emotional traumas lead a person to supress emotions deep within their minds and bodies. these emotions show up through symptoms of anxiety, and many times get misinterpreted as something serious (leading to health anxiety). Mini vacations help to create a mental state where the person can become more flexible in their thinking, and give the body a break from all the fighting.

Let’s create a framework so that you can use this towards curing anxiety yourself. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Set 3 alarms on your phone to remind you to take 3 mini vacations throughout the day Spend 2 to 10 minutes on each mini vacation Spread your mini vacations out between the morning, afternoon, and evening Make sure you won’t be distracted, this time is to get away from the to-do lists and find clarity

Here are a few options you can use for a mini vacation:

Walk in nature A deep belly breathing session (any of the ones in this video are great) A calming visual imagery exercise focusing on the future empowered you Warm Bath Qigong Hand massage focusing on the pressure point Closing your eyes and focusing on the calm blackness Give yourself a 30 second to 2 minute hug implement power poses (highly recommend watching this video by Ami Cuddi on power poses) Breathing in the scent of lavender, chamomile, or rose Music therapy (432 HZ is my favourite, and known to be natures tone)

As you can see the options are long when it comes to taking a few moments to heal throughout the day. Take it from me, this is a very important aspect of curing anxiety. It may not be the very thing that completely eliminates your anxiety, but it will open you up to perceiving your past, present challenges, and future self differently.

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