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Thank God it is Fall!

I love fall, but all this rain & wind from this storm with the handsome name is a bit soon. Back in August I posted this. I was thinking that this weekend it would be great too.  

Please feel free to suggest new movies. 

Years ago I went to a counselor for a mental health tune-up around my experiences with child sexual abuse/rape. 

Somehow I ended up borrowing “The Sopranos” from the library.  

In fact, my husband was sweet enough to track down all of the seasons at all of the branches throughout our area.  I wanted to watch every season one after the other.  I just wanted to have my own personal marathon. 

It felt healing.

Then, I felt obsessed. 

When “The Sopranos” was on HBO each week and the world was watching I had no interest in watching it.  Oh yeah, I believed that it was a good show.  All y’all said so.  

I just didn’t have any spare time in my life to make the long term commitment.  

At my next therapy session, I asked my therapist if she had any thoughts about this new found obsession.  

I’m lying.  My husband was very concerned about my sudden obsession with violence. 

“Make sure you ask her about that.”

My therapist and I processed it.  It turns out that because I was coming back to therapy to revisit a time in my life where I was a victim  with no power, I had a sudden thirst for justice.  She put it to me straight.

“Think about it Tonya, on that television show you violate someone, you do something wrong, you pay.  In this case, with your life”.  

I was not comfortable with my chosen wise counsel calling me out on that one.  

So I did ask, “What does that say about me?”

“That you are human.”

Alright. Cool. I can deal with that.

So, while I needed to return to a time in my life when I felt like a victim I figured out that there are a lot of differences.  

Oh, by the way, I have shiny tools now.  I can tap into the full range of human emotions and use healthy ways to explore them.  This way, I don’t harm myself or anyone else. 

Y’all are safe.

Seriously, it is a very emotional time for those of us who experience repeated exposure to prejudice, bias, racism and trauma.  Even our loyal allies are experiencing stress and trauma.  

Of course, we will never quit.  That would only mean added suffering for the youth. That has never been an option.  

Not now, not ever.

Still, we have to pace ourselves.  

I’ve suggested my personal list of the Top 23 movies to feed the souls of Social Justice Warriors everywhere.  Stay nourished!

(Note: I linked the titles to Wikipedia or Moviefone so that you can read the full descriptions.)

(List is in random order)

1.  Stand and Deliver
2. The Women of Brewster Place
3.  Do the Right Thing
4. Philadelphia
5. Selma

6. The Great Debaters 
7. The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman
8.  Down in the Delta
9. Holiday Heart
10.  Ghosts of Mississippi

11.  Milk
12.  The Long Walk Home
13. Malcolm X
14. Mr. & Mrs. Loving 
15. The Joy Luck Club

16. Night Catches Us
17.  To Kill a Mockingbird

18. Mississippi Burning
19.  A Soldier’s Story
20.  42

21. Woman Thou Art Loosed
22. The Family That Preys
23. Bessie

More suggestions?  Comment Below!


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