To Obtain More Equality for Females We Have to Talk about Males


Females are not society’s department store bargain bin you dump all problems onto.-TGJP

Centering the long-ignored needs of women and our children is important.  Essential.

But, we as women can demand to know what males are willing to share, surrender, and change so that the needs of women and children are met. There are plenty of material resources in the world to go around the entire world. We just need to assist in the re-distribution of these resources for the sake of equality. Because this ongoing conversation about what women will give up is tired and long overdue for retirement.

Holding Males Accountable for Making Spaces Safe

Why are spaces, rights, for males safe from talks, debates, and negotiation?

  • If male bathrooms are such potentially violent spaces, then shouldn’t this be alarming to everyone?
  • Our sons use these facilities too?  (Note: If you use the lady’s room long enough you’ll probably run into a young boy whose mother brought him in with her for his safety. Mothers of sons have always been aware of these dangers. Not even all males are deemed safe in the men’s room.)
  • Are our sons with disabilities safe in male restrooms? If not, what must we do to make these spaces safer for people? We, as in all of us….males and females. 


  • For the most part, males are safe from violence perpetrated by females in spaces like restrooms, locker rooms, even dark alleys, etc….Therefore, since males are the perpetrators of violence against females or female-presenting people than making intimate spaces like restrooms, locker rooms, etc safer is their burden and their work.


  • It should also be noted that hardly any female feels completely safe from male violence even in spaces specifically designated for females. We still have to keep our guards up in both locked personal spaces and public spaces.
  • **This is an extra burden for females who have been victimized and traumatized.


  • The question is not how much space are females willing to give up?  Will females take more risks for the greater good of all?  The threat of male violence is the most perverse obstacle to safety. Always has been. How much space are males willing to give up? How much privacy? Will males take more risks for the greater good of all. 


  • What are males willing to do, to give up, to work on to make these spaces safer for all males and male-presenting people AND females/female-presenting people regardless of race, physical ability, size, religion, etc….


  • If we push for more sensible conversations about diversity, inclusion, and making space for everyone; where males are called to do their fair share of the work, we might be able to address the real obstacle to progress, violence perpetrated by males. 



It’s not just that I’m not appreciative of the abundance of opinions, thoughts, and prayers from males. It’s that having a baby, that is: carrying a baby for months and giving birth to a baby costs more than that.

Many women point to the lack of financial and emotional support from the moment of conception as a reason to consider abortion.  The burden of pregnancy currently falls completely on the female.

How would this debate change if we held males accountable financially from the moment of conception?

Surely, males can assist in providing healthcare for the child that they helped create right?..$

Mental healthcare for the pregnant female as needed right? Males aren’t carrying the baby?..$

Those child support payments begin when the baby arrives? Start making those retroactive to the date of conception.

In the case of rape?  The mostly male government can make sure that the “fetus carrier” (did we do that right?) and fetus are well provided for, right? …$

I’m no psychic, but if this was anywhere near reality, I predict fewer arguments against free comprehensive birth control health care in the future….$

But none of this is about “gotcha” moments. This is about equality in everything. From day one.

Justice for all.


Custody Rights for Rapists? $$$

In cases where a male wants rights to see/parent a child resulting from him raping a female, let’s not stop there. 

Hold male rapists financially accountable for the support of the child. 

Hold male rapists financially accountable for the treatment costs of the female that he raped.

Hold male rapists financially accountable for every cost we think of that is left to the taxpayers to absorb.


Sports Debate?

What are males willing to pay, do, give up, contribute, build and share to make sports more inclusive for everyone?  



If American prisons aren’t safe for women and trans women, then what are males willing to pay, do, give up, build, contribute, and share to make prisons safe for everyone? 

Maybe there are too many people in prison for non-violent crimes?

What are males willing to change in society to eliminate prison overcrowding?  

Perhaps we need more rehabilitation for non-violent offenders and youth?

Perhaps prisoners need more personal development activities to occupy their time like obtaining college degrees?

Perhaps prisoners do need comprehensive therapy like many females have been advocating?

Perhaps we finally have to address problems that intersect with the prison industrial complex like violence, abuse, trauma, drug dependence, racism? Yeah, sounds like males are going to have to put in more work.

Mostly powerful white males who built and maintain the violent prison industrial complex have to join the rest of us in finding solutions to problems that plague prisons.  

Did you see this?

Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month


Females are not society’s department store bargain bin you dump all problems onto.-TGJP

It is time for males to have discussions that go beyond their sexual attraction and preferences.

It’s time to put your money where ever your mouth (opinions) go.

It is time to put your work into spaces where people are afraid to be there are males are present.

We will continue to have discourse in feminism, womanism, religion, cultures, small groups and the larger society.  In order to solve problems of violence perpetuated against every vulnerable person….(female, young, older, smaller, chronically ill, disabled..) we are going to have to see to it that males do their fair share.

Deciding that every space, right, privilege, that women have fought and died for is ripe for stuffing society’s issues into; is not the solution.

In order to obtain more equality, justice, and economic wealth for people born female, we are going to have to make sure that in all that we do, we talk about male responsibility and accountability. 



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