Things to Remember if You’re a Survivor:  Self Confidence


Things to Remember if You’re a Survivor:  Self Confidence

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  1. Nobody’s good at everything. In fact, the most accomplished people are only good at a few things.


  1. No matter how much you accomplish or acquire, it won’t satisfy you unless you have self-confidence on the inside. So, what’s missing?


  1. Don’t wait for the universe to give you the results you want. Act confidently, and go out and get them.


  1. Your confidence is based on who you are, not what you did. No one or no adverse outcome can take that away from you.


  1. All of the winners, those who eventually succeed, trust themselves to keep on going in spite of challenges and mistakes.


  1. Are you procrastinating? Are you waiting to feel confident about doing something before starting? Sorry, but you will wait forever.


  1. Normal, healthy fear is a good thing, but letting your fear rob you of your dream is not.


  1. Letting the fear stop you from going forward is the mistake most people make. See your dreams as bigger than your fears.


  1. When you begin to trust in your own integrity, you will begin to connect with infinite personal power.


  1. You need to believe in your ability to ask for help. Responsibly asking for help is a sign of self-love and intelligence.

Printable of this list

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