The Right to Die of Suicide from Mental Suffering

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Yesterday there was a discussion on a social media page that I follow.

 Suicide. That’s what we were discussing.

There was this one guy who was leaning in on the point  that suicide is an option for some.  He seemed to assert that for some the pain is so great that is a valid option.

A few of us women attempted to disagree with only mild to moderate emotion.  Eventually, it was clear that his mind was made up.  The discussion was ended.  I did share with John Doe commenter what I am about to share with you.

There was a time that I felt just like John Doe.

For years, I also believed that suicide was a viable option for some people. Believed it like it was a religion.  Practiced it too.

To the point where I had some near misses and woke up mad as hell.

People don’t commit suicide. They die of suicide.

They try hard to live. We as a society fail them by way of silence, ignorance, and lack of empathy.

Living with mental torment is beyond any struggle you can imagine.

Women tend to have random aches and pains.  We carry painkillers in our purse quite often.  From time to time, you might overhear one woman ask other women, “Hey does anyone have any (brand name) pain pills?”

The only thing is there really isn’t an instant pain killer that you can take for depression. For anxiety. Forget about what you see on the movies. In real life that character may end up in rehab.

I’m not talking about taking your prescribed medication on a daily basis.  I mean instantrelief type stuff. Like I don’t want to feel excruciating, 10 ton, sadness, despair, misery, and hopelessness right now.  For most people, there is nothing legal for that.

 I’m only here b/c I wasn’t able to succeed at dying of suicide. That’s God.

It takes a combo of faith, strong support from people you trust, the right professionals who can relate to your individual & unique issues and courage.

I had no choice but to keep pushing at living.

Today, I am overjoyed.
Overjoyed even on my bad days that I am living.

John Doe suicide is never the answer to mental suffering. I know that kind of pain. I know it like every scar on my body.

AND, it is worth it to keep living. You just gotta figure out how to live well. Take it from someone who knows.  Stay in motion!

Speaking of motion, gotta end this post here.  Tonight I watched one of my favorite shows.Unsung on TVONE.  A documentary about the “Godfather of Go-Go” Chuck Brown. If you don’t know who he is, ask somebody.

You know who knows? The Queen of England! She likes Chuck Brown. #WindMeUpChuck!

In Motion……


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