The Pied Piper of R&B RKelly: Black Lives Matter But Not the Girls Though

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This is a flashback to an article published in 2015.

It was November 29, 2015.

The network then known as Centric aired the Soul Train Music Awards. Centric was a network dedicated to Black Women. RKelly was prominently featured. For years allegations about RKelly preying on young girls had been circulating.  Centric prominently featured RKelly. But, no one cares about Black girls and women. Here were my thoughts…….

Sigh…. As a Survivor, I was extremely offended and upset to see RKelly on the Soul Train Music Awards.  He was treated like a king. Like royalty.  

This show was aired on a station dedicated and marketed to Black Women and you center RKelly as a king!?

A message was intentionally sent to Black Women.  We get it.  You want our viewership. You want us to spend our hard earned money with your advertisers. But just to be clear, you couldn’t care any less about the issues that impact us.

We weren’t even warned in the marketing leading up to the announcement of the show.


Did I see the host, Erykah Badu, walked hand in hand with RKelly?   Did Badu really say: “This man has done more for Black people than anyone,” ?

I see clearly now.  In other words, we Centric/BET, stand with him and (insert expletive of your choice) you Black Women.

Deal with it!

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As a dedicated servant to this issue, AND a Survivor of child sexual violence, I was stunned and completely appalled. 

Over the years, I have met and served thousands of Survivors of color.  

I can tell you that the impact of sexual violence when coupled with racism, the increased pressure to be silent, and limited healing resources are devastating. 

The kind of devastation that travels through generations. 




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YET, as I am reading the comments coming forth in the very heated social media debate,  I realize that some people have absolutely NO understanding about child sexual abuse and rape.  







Facts vs. Fans

 WE Survive Abuse has posted about victims/Survivors of color in this past year. Here are 4 posts with links to FACTS around the issue:

  1. **One of my most read posts was this one (8/8/15):
    Did You Hear the Joke about Blue Ivy, Brown Girls & Sexual Abuse? ME NEITHER 
    It just so happened that RKelly was mentioned here too.


2. **Readers also read this post about the FBI declaring child sexual abuse to be at epidemic levels. Also, there is an article titled Black Girls Matter (8/5/15).

World Wide Web Roundup for Survivors, Allies, and Friends


3. **Want to read about the sex abuse to prison pipeline for girls of color (7/14/15)?

World Wide Roundup of This Week’s Best Online Content Related to Rape & Abuse


4.**Many Black Feminists/Womanists/Black Women, in general, were outraged!  

We’ve Got to Stop Celebrating RKelly



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Having Our Say

Let me say again, on behalf of victims/Survivors everywhere who must struggle to overcome increased risk of: 
chronic physical illness, mental health, poverty,
suicide attempts, substance use issuesrelationship problemschild abuse
self-harm, teen pregnancy, incarceration,low self esteem, extreme emotional pain,  domestic violence, 
even more sexual violence, etc. throughout our entire lifetime:

…….(And for victims/Survivors who must endure this struggle on top of racism………I am disgusted, offended, appalled, and disappointed!

…..To the fans who continue to support RKelly while refusing to have empathy for victims, I will do what my Mama used to tell me as a child. 

I will simply pray that you do not die void of empathy for suffering people.  Bless.

However, what I want you to know, is that sexual violence is just like racism. They could be twins. 


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