The Hideous Scars of Child Sexual Abuse: Self Doubt

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I think that one reason that some people can’t understand sexual violence is they don’t understand just how complicated it really is.  

Some people think that after the physical assault, you should be emotionally hurt for a bit maybe.  But you’ll be fine, or rather you should be.  

But WE know that sexual abuse & rape leaves you with scars that can last for a very long time.  One of those scars happens to be paralyzing self-doubt.  

One of our readers wrote a poignant piece about her battle with self-doubt.  SurvivorJennifer Haron is the founder of the blog This Tangled Heart.  

What I like about her blog is that it acknowledges that healing is indeed a struggle, even for people of faith.  At the same time, like many people of faith, Jennifer remains ever hopeful and encouraged.  And, she generously shares that hope & encouragement with others. 

Excerpt from That Summer When I was Ten

      This is the first time I can remember second guessing my instincts.  I knew something    was really wrong, but I told myself that I was making a big deal out of nothing.  Because  he was my dad, he loved me, he was a grown up, I never told him I was uncomfortable, and a million other excuses that floated through my head.  

       That summer developed into a pattern of me second guessing my intuition until I no  longer listened to it at all.

I invite you to read —>  That Summer When I Was Ten

Special Comment:

Thank you for your work in helping those who so often remain silent in their hurting. Jennifer Haron, author of This Tangled Heart, is my daughter. I love her so much and I am so proud of her! She helps me and others who have been sexually abused or abused in other ways too. So often, as was in my case, the legacy of abuse is carried on to our own children and our own tangled hearts sometimes contribute to us not keeping them safe. 

I hope Jennifer’s blog and yours can somehow interrupt that process. I also hope that someday Jennifer and I can speak to groups about our separate stories that became our together story that led to our separate journeys of healing that led to our NOW story as our together journey of hope, love, and a determination to help others continues.

Annette Ciaravino