The Chat: Reviewing Cross-Cultural Crisis Response to Victims of Domestic Violence

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Perhaps you already know.  There are significant challenges when it comes to cross-cultural outreach and crisis response in the movement to end violence and abuse.  All too often, the people who are hired to serve victims aren’t always comfortable working with people who come from a different background.

I know this because in my years of service I have served in the role of adviser to people genuinely seeking to expand their knowledge in this area.  There is a huge divide.

To be fair, many people/organizations make some type of attempt to be culturally intelligent.  One person of color is hired to direct the project, workshops are held, and announcements are made in newsletters.  These diversity initiatives always start out with a great wave of hope and excitement only to fizzle out over a short period of time.

It comes down to this.

If an individual or organization doesn’t address their inherent biases, clients/victims/patients can pick up on it in seconds.

If an individual or organization isn’t culturally intelligent most efforts that go into crisis intervention, prevention, and direct services will likely see little success.

Organizations must make sure that people aren’t just memorizing snippets of diversity and inclusion.  Cultural competence takes a lot of time, work, and effort.  People must actually do the work that it takes to become culturally intelligent.  You don’t learn to be culturally intelligent. Cultural intelligence is developed over the course of a lifetime.

Please read and discuss……

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