Survivor Affirmations: I Am Committed To a Daily Fitness Routine

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Survivor Affirmations: Just As I Am

I am committed to a daily fitness routine.

 I know that exercise strengthens my health, boosts my mood, and elevates my mind. I am determined to make exercise an automatic part of my daily routine.

I focus on a regular workout schedule that is easy to maintain.

My exercise routine has enough challenges to be interesting, but it is also easy enough to do every day.

My routine has a mix of different exercises that work in harmony to exercise every muscle in my body.

My chosen routine is a part of my goal to achieve better health and fitness. It is also an essential element of my well-being.

My lifestyle reflects my commitment to my new exercise habit.

I add my workout to my schedule every day and ensure to have ample time to complete my whole workout. I am able to stay focused on my exercises until they are done.


johnhain / Pixabay

I am in charge of my fitness and routines.

I decide which exercises to do and how often to do them.

I am able to find the best routines for my body and mind.

However, I also work with others when they offer knowledgeable suggestions for a more beneficial workout.

Today, I am thankful for my daily fitness routine. It boosts my health and helps me live better.

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