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There is a place in my life for the things that make me smile.

The smiles on my face come from the inside out. When my soul is content and fulfilled, joy emanates from my body.


I make space in my life for the things that bring me that positive energy.


My eyes light up when I experience a happy moment. There is an automatic emotional takeover that causes each part of my face to flush with pleasure.


Those laugh lines around my mouth represent pure bliss from wonderful experiences.

The friends I have make me feel blessed to have them. Their support and kindness cause me to feel protected and safe.


My family members and I share wonderful memories together. I plan family activities that give us a chance to dance, laugh, and love.


lauradbusiness0 / Pixabay

When special people invite me to share an experience with them, I jump at the opportunity. I know that making space for them means I am able to have ongoing joy. I am blessed to know what true happiness feels like.


Opportunities to help others also make me smile. I look for any chance I can get to be of assistance to someone in need.


Today, I am committed to living a joyful life. I embrace the people who help to make it possible for me to have a constant smile on my face.


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