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I enjoy the benefits of spring-cleaning every season

The clutter of life can build quickly.


Every few months, I eliminate the excess and the unnecessary.


I donate unused items and toss out the rubbish.

Spring-cleaning extends beyond the boundaries of my home.

I practice it at work and in life. I minimize the unneeded.

Preemptively, I keep my paperwork organized and up-to-date.

Keeping my spaces tidy and in order reduces my stress level and improves my sense of clarity.


The physical tidiness of my life reflects the order I feel within.


Because I refuse to let the clutter build, I avoid being buried beneath it.

Small acts of tidying are more manageable and less time-consuming.

I commit to the constant act of cleaning in all aspects of my life.


I feel relief knowing that when spring comes, I have avoided letting a year’s worth of disorder mount.


Today, I plan to identify an area of life that needs cleaning and organization.

I will continue to be proactive in my efforts to remain organized.

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