Survivor Affirmation: Joy Follows Suffering and Pain

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Joy follows suffering and pain.

There are certainly some trying times that we go through in order to reach the other side of the rainbow.

During these troubling times, I notice that if I focus on the pain and suffering, I continue to hurt and experience negative things.


Therefore, instead of focusing on the negative, I choose to focus on what the positive outcome of this pain and suffering might be.


I ask myself whether or not I can use this pain and suffering in some way.

Is there a way that I can show others the good things that come from pain?

Whether I am experiencing physical pain or emotional distress, can I learn from what I’m going through?

Yes, I can take the issues I face and find the silver lining, regardless of how difficult it may be.

I can find happiness within this suffering. I can draw strength from the inspiration of others who have experienced pain and suffering before me. 

Perhaps I can achieve new areas of personal growth. Maybe I can forge a stronger bond with my loved ones.

Maybe I can even learn how to approach situations differently in ways that avoid much of the pain and suffering.

Indeed, learning and growing through the pain is one sure way to experience joy and self-satisfaction.

Today, maybe just for today, I choose positive thoughts about what joy might come out of this distress.


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