Survivor Affirmation: I Love Myself because I am Worthy of Love

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I love myself because I am worthy of love.

I respect myself and the healing journey that I have taken to bring me to this day. 

I am in the process of freeing myself from the shackles of past events.

I rid myself of any shame or guilt.

Any shame and guilt around what was done to me does not belong to me.

No matter what anyone says I have no shame and, I am not guilty.

I am not what happened to me.
  I am ME.

I am kind to others and to myself. I treat myself and others with compassion and patience. 

Each day I take time to build my spirit and renew my strength.

I feel calm and peaceful as the power of all of the love in the universe wraps its arms around me and heals me.

My heart and spirit are strong. I spend time each day doing things that bring me joy and peace.

The more that I love others, the more love returns to me and feeds my spirit.


I love passionately and deeply and others love me passionately and deeply in return. My capacity for love grows each day.

Today, I thank my Creator for loving me and giving me life.
 I love myself just as I am. 

My heart overflows with love.

Talk with Yourself:

1.    What steps can I take to love others without preconditions?

2.    Who are some of the people that help me love myself?

3.    How can I show more love to others?


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