Survivor Affirmation: Change Inspires Me to be Creative

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I embrace change each time it comes my way.

I am sometimes nervous about the newness of a situation. But I also get excited because it means learning something new.

Change helps me call on my skill set to figure things out.

I actually enjoy being challenged by changing circumstances because they provide a chance for me to exercise my creativity.

When my job responsibilities are altered at work, I accept the change with open arms.

At times, I am put in a role where I have limited experience. But that gives me an opportunity to research and learn.

I spend time looking into what makes someone good at the job I have been given. I spend time embodying those characteristics until I begin to excel in my new role.

Change allows me to discover new things about myself.

I adjust to changing situations and help those around me do the same.

I am a team player.

I feel good when collaboration yields great rewards. I avoid taking personal credit because I realize that my creativity sparks creativity in others.

Today, I welcome change with open arms.

I am proud of my creativity and commit to using it for good during changes times. I know it is sometimes difficult to anticipate what awaits me.

But I rely on my creativity to take me through any situation.



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