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WE accept guest posts that speak to our beloved audience of Survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence and other related traumas.

Our readers tend to be sincere, kind, empathetic, and strategic.  Many are in the process of mastering the post-traumatic resilience.  They appreciate posts that give them added fuel for their journey.

*Please click on the ASK WeSurviveAbuse tab under categories on our home page for additional opportunities to submit content.

Topics:  Our readers have expressed interest in the following topics:


  • Public Speaking,

  • Healing-how to, testimony, tips

  • Storytelling-Techniques, how to, tips

  • Diversity-how to, testimony, growth, tips

  • Inclusion-how to, transformation, growth, tips, testimony

  • Hope

  • Suicide-prevention & experience

  • Sexual Violence-healing, dealing, prevention, testimony

  • Domestic Violence/Dating Abuse-safety planning, healing, dealing, prevention, testimony

Speak even if your voice shakes-Maggie Smith

  • Faith

  • Substance Use

  • Sexual Harassment,

  • Education

  • Patient Advocacy

  • Mental Health

  • Journaling, writing, becoming an author

  • Self Care/Self Love

  • Counseling,

  • Violence prevention

  • Must Read Books

  • Healing in rural communities, urban areas, etc…..

  • Family Dynamics

  • Confidence, Assertiveness

  • Anxiety, panic attacks

  • Creative Works-poems, art, spoken word, music…..

  • Parenting Tips

  • LGBT issues/Concerns

  • Financial Concerns (including poverty, financial education, financial growth)

  • etc……

Topics should be presented in a way that is empowering and keeps Survivors and their well-being in the center.  In other words, genuine people connecting to other people in a genuine way.


We look for content that is both informative and educational.  Content that is thought-provoking, edgy, challenging, compassionate, healing, encouraging and empathetic-will be the most likely to advance to the front of the line.

  1. We accept “how to’s”, videos, checklists, tips, lists, recognitions of achievements/milestones.

Short Posts: Just have a few words of wisdom to share?  Send us your blurbs of 3-300 words.

Long Posts: 300-500 words on average.  500 + words will also be reviewed.

  1. Credit all outside sources appropriately, including links to said information.
  2. Feel free to send us your published links.  WE may include it in our LINKS post/publication.
  3. Unless your submission has been published elsewhere, WE reserve the right to edit, partially or completely, every submission, including headlines and sub-headings.
  4. Plagiarism is so first grade. Plagiarism is unacceptable. WE check.
  5. Affiliate links within content must be disclosed prior to publishing or they may be removed.
  6. Absolutely, positively, NO messages that include pornography, nudity, hate, racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry will be accepted. WE WILL REPORT any information along these lines to the proper authorities and governments.
  7. Submission doesn’t guarantee publication.
  8. This is ideal for people who want to share information with Survivors.

***This is ideal for people who have information to share and have a goal of increase and variance in subscribers, readers, followers, etc…

****This is not ideal for freelance writers & creatives seeking to get compensation.  WE’re still working towards that goal.



We Can’t Wait to Read All About the Lessons You Wish to Share!


Thanks for Sharing!

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