The Power of a Black Man’s Voice to Heal the Pain of Violence and Abuse


Fellow Beloved Black folks, especially Black males,

To keep the silence in place is to keep the shackles in place.- Tonya GJ Prince

This recording is about Black males and abuse.

It’s about the power of Black males to speak to the pain of other Black males dealing with the pain of abuse and violence.

About Black males who have been sexually abused…

Black males who have been physically abused by a parent or caretaker….

Black males who have witnessed physical violence in the home….

Black males carrying have memories of being tossed across rooms when they tried to intervene as children…..

Black males carrying the pain of being unable to prevent the death of a woman they loved. A mother, a mother of their child, a sister, a friend.

It is unwise to ignore this pain.

It is destructive to ignore this pain

To keep the silence in place is to keep the shackles in place.

In Black communities, there is a deep well of Black male pain. Pain impedes progress. Destroys relationships. Destroys careers. Destroys lives.

Finding fault with successful women around you, with beautiful women around you seems to be hilarious. It inspires moments of joy. Heckling feels good. But when the laughter ends. You’re still where you are. You’re still who you are. The pain is still there.


Why abused black men are staying silent

By Ben Hunte–myths.html