Safe Space is Beyond the Comfort Zone

  Folks, I just created another information product.  It really doesn't come easy. What I mean by that is I love to pass on information

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Folks, I just created another information product.  It really doesn’t come easy. What I mean by that is I love to pass on information and knowledge.  

But sometimes creating information products makes me think of those late night sales pitchy things.  

Still, I do think that Survivors and allies need specialized products for ourselves.  Just for us.  So I create what I wish was out there to help us grow, heal, and connect. 

I think more than a lot of other people we run the risk of getting wedged in comfort zones.  We know what it feels like to feel to be unsafe. We know REAL fear.  Horror. Terror. 

Sometimes it might take a little more effort for us Survivors to venture out.  I was hoping that I could design a product to help.

This one is called, Safe Space is Beyond the Comfort Zone.

This 4 part kit was designed to move you where you were always destined to be.
In Part 1 the essential ebook with 21 quick shortcuts provides you with turn by turn directions out of your stifling comforting zone. 

At the end of this essential ebook, you’ll find 3 helpful worksheets to aid you in examining your own life to see what if any obstacles are keeping you from being your best.
Part 2 is a short fun inspirational fable that offers a surprising life lesson.
Part 3 Cool-Serene-Refreshing; well moving is hard work. 
So I provided you with relaxing but empowering affirmations set instrumental jazz music.  
You might enjoy watching and listening to this at the office, at home, in the middle of a hectic day, or anytime you want to center yourself. 
Part 4 is a final summary of 17 more notes to keep you nourished and focused as you venture beyond the confines of the comfort zone. 
Nothing wonderful or amazing was ever accomplished inside of the comfort zone. 

Listen, I’m not talking about “history book” wonderful or “famous” amazing.  

I am simply speaking personally wonderful and amazing. The stuff that matters to you.  

If you want to do those things you always wanted to do, you must come out of that comfort zone!   


Power-Point (Affirmations & Music)

You’ll be moving out of that comfort zone in no time! 

Quick note: Subscribers will be getting a discount code in the mail today.
 If you aren’t a subscriber sign up and you can still get a discount if you sign up  right away .

Stay in motion!   ~Tonya

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