Preventing Sexual Violence Between Residents of Nursing Homes

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Male nursing home residents are more likely to perpetrate sexual assault on fellow residents. Particularly, male residents who have cognitive impairments are more likely to be hypersexual.

Nursing homes can prevent sexual abuse between residents by doing the following:

• Conduct a background check on incoming residents (as applicable by law)

• If an applicant is a registered sex offender, find out if there are any procedures or disclosures that must be followed.

• Ensure that all residents are properly supervised at all times. Residents who are incapacitated should be particularly monitored for signs of abuse.

• Nursing homes should discuss sexual abuse with residents, educating them on the risks and what to do if a sexual assault occurs.

Resident-to-resident sexual abuse is damaging to the entire nursing home community.

Nursing home staff should be vigilant in their monitoring of residents and should respond immediately to complaints or suspicions of sexual abuse.

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