Power of the Purses: Who is on Your “Naughty” List This Christmas?


So tis the season hunh……(insert jingle bells)

During this pandemic violence against women and children has grown.

At the same time organizations, corporations, have refused to hear us.

Refused to openly support us. Refused to be “caught” openly supporting us.

Refused to accommodate us and our family needs.

Refused to stop using language and images that erase us even when the product is made for us.

All of this takes some serious nerve when you know how much purchasing power females have always had.


some of you ignored our requests to make your premium spaces safer for female human beings (TOO) while we are in states of undress (looking at you gyms and spas)

For the record, women never requested that you avoid making safe spaces for others. After all, we do tend to be the more compassionate, empathetic, and less selfish sex.

We DO request that you provide safe spaces for your female customers, especially since we are more likely to be the ones making purchasing decisions for households.

So this is Christmas and What Have You Done?

I’ve always tried to strike a careful balance between what’s good for me, my family, & my probably copped from the thrift store purse, AND what must be done to support the community at large.

I invite you to look back over your list when you make your purchasing decisions this Black Friday. Give yourself the gift of recognizing your own power as a consumer. It doesn’t sound like much at first, but when you really become mindful about it…..

I’m looking back. Not just over this past year but over this past few years…..

Companies that failed to hear us….

Failed to issue apologies…..

Treated women like an afterthought…..

Treated Black people like an afterthought when most likely we were the originators of the thought in the first place…..

Did all of this, but still eyeing my money.

Our demands are simple

Treat us right. All year long.

Listen to Women.

Listen to minoritized people, especially Black people.

Listen to us. Work with us. Support us.

All year long and not just when our issues are trending.

This year why don’t you make your own “naughty list”?😉🙃

Are there any groups, organizations, or corporations that left you infinitely on hold?

What about those who outright blocked you on social media? I support “blocking”. It’s healthy. It also has “pros” and “cons” just like everything in life.

Please feel free to share your naughty list with us in the comments section or via email,

Share with your family, your neighbors, and your groups.

NOTE: Your naughty list might include:


charitable donations,

donations to candidates,

donations to fundraising projects,

decisions about where to invest your tuition money,

decisions about entertainment…..streaming, music, movies, food, products, etc.