Part 3: How to Teach Kids to Say & Tell on a Child Sex Abuser ASAP

Children can get confused if we only place emphasis on someone touching them. We must remember to teach children that no one other children’s and adult’s private areas are off-limits as well.

If anyone exposes themselves to a child that is a boundary violation.

If anyone manipulates, or prompts, or forces a child to touch a someone else’s private part that is boundary violation.

Finally, there is a difference between a surprise and a secret. A surprise, is information that you keep for a short period of time so that you can give something. Think of like a party or a gift.

A secret is something that you keep from someone though you may never give them anything.

Some families have chosen to implement a rule that their children aren’t allowed to enter into either surprise or secret agreements with anyone when it comes to their bodies.

Some reasons parents have given for making a decision such as this is religious beliefs, personal choice, child’s age, child’s specific disability, and/or family history of abuse. Each parent has to evaluate their own family and individual child dynamic for themselves in order to make a final decision on this matter.

Whatever you decide, here are the last 3/10 tips to help you to help kids say no right away, and tell you right away:

8. Say no and tell me if anyone….touches their own private parts: vagina, penis, or buttocks in front of you.

9. Say no and tell me if anyone….asks you to touch their own private parts.

10. Say no and tell me if anyone….asks you to keep a secret about your body.

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