Part 2: How to Teach Kids to Say “No” and Tell on a Child Sex Abuser ASAP


Everyone is entitled to boundaries, especially our children.

Children should be empowered to listen to that little voice that might say, “Uh-oh something doesn’t feel right.”

If they don’t want to be touched that particular day or any day, no one ought to be allowed to push the issue.

No one should be allowed to minimize their feelings by saying things like, “Why is he making such a big deal about it?  It is just a game.  We did this all of the time when I was growing up.”

Boundaries are there to protect everyone. They keep everyone feeling safe and secure.  Children have a right to feel safe and secure.

If/when they don’t, they ought to be able to reach out to a safe adult who will restore safety and security in their precious lives.

Here are 4 additional quick tips to go over with children.  These tips may help them to tell a potential abuser “no” and tell a safe adult quickly.

4. Say no and tell me if anyone….makes you feel funny, strange, or yucky.

5. Say no and tell me if anyone….wants to take pictures of you without any clothes on.

6. Say no and tell me if anyone…. wants you to take off your clothes and you don’t want to.

7. Say no and tell me if anyone….tickles you but does not stop once you tell them to.

If a child comes to you with this information, please don’t ignore it.  Please make every attempt to give that child safety and security.

Report child abuse if you suspect it.


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