Part 1: How to Teach Kids to Say “No” & Tell on a Child Sex Abuser ASAP

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When you freeze up during abuse
Child Sexual Abusers Are Often Known and Trusted

My little guy is all grown up now, but when he was younger, I don’t think you could even measure his little attention span. 

It was that short.

Therefore, I had to feed him information in kid size sound bites.

The next few days I will share my top 10 with you. These are small reminders to go over with children. They are short and easy to remember.  But, I found that are effective.

Remember, everyone is entitled to have their own personal boundaries, especially children.

1. Say no and tell me if anyone….touches you anywhere that is private.

2. Say no and tell me if anyone….tickles you and says that they “accidentally” touched you somewhere private.

3. Say no and tell me if anyone….rubs you somewhere private, or near or on your vagina, penis, buttocks, chest, or any part of the body that makes you feel uncomfortable.


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