NO SILENCE: Gender-Based Violence and Sex-Based Violence Against Females


As a Black woman doing this type of work, being a Survivor of child rape, I understand too well what happens when there is silence around uncomfortable topics and social issues.  The Black community continues to encounter resistance around discussing racism AND sexual violence at the same time.  There is pressure to discuss one or the other but never both.

Discussing racism AND sexual violence can result in your getting labeled a troublemaker, accused of being angry (as in angry Black woman), disloyal to the issue of sexual violence, and having an agenda. Racism becomes your fault for discussing all the ways that sexual violence AND racism impact you, at the same time.

Nevermind that racism AND sexual violence existed long before you did.  Not only that, but it is also interconnected within my existence as an African-American female.

This silence has created an environment for sexual violence, domestic violence, and racism to grow like bacteria.

When you know better, you do better. Maya Angelou

It is my hope that we are able to continue having respectful, open, honest dialogue around the painful topics like gender-based violence and sex-based violence against females.

Why Silence Around Women’s Health is Potentially Deadly

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