Narc Abuse: No Contact Breaks the Trauma Bond by Progress Through Process

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Post Author: Tonya GJ Prince

"Silence created this crisis around both domestic violence & sexual violence.  Stories must save us now." With over 25 years of both professional & volunteer service; Tonya GJ Prince is a leading subject matter expert (SME) & educator on domestic violence and sexual violence. She helps people heal, prevent, and overcome domestic and sexual violence. In order to accomplish this mission, she has founded several platforms designed to allow Survivors to use their own voices including;,, & Education: A.A.S. Legal Assisting/J. Sargeant Reynold's Community College B.S. Organizational Management & Development/Bluefield College Tonya is an author, activist, advocate, Survivor, speaker, counselor, & mentor. Booking Information: Email: info (at) Google Voice: (720)-593-9462 Note: Copyright to all videos & content remain with original creators/authors.

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