Keep Your Business or Platform Going Even When People Do Not Want You To

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keep seeing small business owners talk about being canceled, de-platformed, or having their stores closed.

Big-name platforms are not your only options for selling your digital products and services.

Big-name platforms are often more likely to be easily swayed by trending antagonists.

There are huge corporations that believe in and support so many different causes. Why should you, a small business be taken down over a disagreement?

Disclaimer: If your actions or words truly are hate, you might be on your own.

If you are being unfairly stalked, silenced, harassed, or targeted in any way, you might find these tips and resources helpful.

  1. At the very least, keep a list of other e-commerce hosting options, just in case.
  2. Keep a mailing list of customers that is separate and independent from all selling platforms.
  3. New platforms, software pops up everyday. It might be a good idea to periodically search for hosting options using words like: “open source” or simply “free”.
  4. Remember, you can keep a single landing page listed with links to how to reach your products, services, podcast, website.

From time to time, I have found a few great software deals here…….

What are some of your favorite affordable platforms, software, and services??