It Is Time to Stop Pretending That Women’s Rights Aren’t Being Erased

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I could not be less surprised about any of this but hopefully, lessons have been learned. It is time to stop trying to make women & girls more “nice”, and start making us more *safe*.

It is time to stop trying to silence females.

When Sexual Violence Isn’t Trending

I could not be less surprised that the Black woman in the Wi Spa video received empathy and compassion from many BUT complete silence from celebrity women & men who just a few months ago were auditioning to be spokespersons for “hashtag anything fighting for victims and Survivors” (or maybe not?).

I could not possibly be surprised that celebrities who were poster childing for issues around sexual violence cannot utter a whisper of support right now, just when we could really use help securing everything in the nearest vicinity of women’s rights.

Sex Offenders

I could not be less surprised that the person at the center of all of this Wi Spa controversy is an alleged serial sex offender.

By the way, beware of people who try to give every reason the ‘sex offender registry’ is “abhorrent” …. but nearly choke trying to avoid admitting sex offenders are manipulative criminals who usually get away with their crimes.

Black Woman

I could not be less surprised that a Black woman’s cry of outrage at her boundaries being violated….was intentionally ignored, ravishly ridiculed, and simply written off in large media outlets as a “hoax.”

Watch this video on YouTube.

We’ve been telling people who alleged that: “Black women are not seen as women.” How else do you think that people know to ignore our cries of distress? We are Black and woman, which guarantees that our cries might as well be soundproof.

Girl Child

I could not be less surprised that prominent people who spoke of the visibly traumatized young girl in the video like she did everything wrong, are not offering a just as public apology.


I could not be less surprised that prominent people had the nerve to use their public platform to nearly scold a visibly traumatized young girl for existing and trying to enjoy a day at the spa with her mother.

I could not be less surprised that a mother, modeling self-care for her beautiful daughter, was scolded for taking her daughter out for a mother-daughter spa day.

I could not be less surprised because people who hate women hate mothers. It’s hard for them to even listen to women discuss anything around motherhood from conception to childbirth, to enjoying all of the duties that come with being a good mother.

“Motherhood” including phrases like:


“periods”/ “menstruation”



sounds like “hate speech”.

And none of these miracles of life & nature could possibly be something that only female human beings experience because then that would make us……AMAZING!

I could not be less surprised at the general silence overall from “leaders”.

Further, anyone who is “anti-safeguarding” must own that position AND any resulting consequences.