‘I was tossed like a rag doll off a deck by my hair. He tried to take my life in front of my kids.’: Domestic violence survivor escapes abuser, ‘takes her life back’ with the help of her ‘tribe’

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“The girl he was cheating on me with began harassing me, too. She wanted money for an abortion, and wanted me to know they were seeing each other. Sadly, I made the mistake of confronting him about this. The officer who responded sat me down. ‘I want to help you and end your suffering.’ He did the most amazing thing that day. He had me sign one piece of paper. Just one signature. The right to go after him.” #LoveWhatMattershttps://www.lovewhatmatters.com/i-was-tossed-like-a-rag-doll-off-a-deck-by-my-hair-he-tried-to-take-my-life-in-front-of-my-kids-domestic-violence-survivor-escapes-abuser-takes-her-life-back-with-the-help-of-her-tribe/

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