I was abused as a child by my stepbrother. How can I move on?

The startling toll on children who witness domestic violence is just now being understood – USA TODAY
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Children who see domestic violence are more likely to become victims – WWLTV.com

What you do next is up to you, says Annalisa Barbieri. You have no responsibility to report him, and none for his behaviour

My mother always put men and herself before me. This included moving us in with her now husband after six weeks of knowing him. He is a wonderful man, but we also lived with his two sons, one of whom sexually abused me from the age of nine until 12. We then moved house and he didn’t come with us, but he moved back in for six months when I was 14 and the abuse began again.

Fifteen years later, I have no contact with him, but of course, the family do. I recently gave birth to my daughter and I have started to feel angry all over again. I am angry that this man still gets support from my family and causes them worry (at over 35, he is still a waste of space). I also feel resentment and anger towards my mother for not protecting me from that situation over and over again. I feel she put her interest in my stepdad, and in drinking, over what was best for me. As a new mother, I struggle to accept her with my daughter.

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