How The Crime Of “Stealthing” Is Putting Women At Risk

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Advocates have been rallying on behalf of victims of stealthing are looking to the Department of Justice to pass stricter laws on the heinous act. Stealthing happens when a sexual partner decides to remove a condom without consent in the middle of intercourse.

Bustle obtained a letter from House Reps. Ro Khanna and Carolyn Maloney asking the DOJ to be more diligent in creating laws to protect past and future victims from the crime.

The Reps demanded the following points be addressed:

Whether the department’s resources for sexual abuse survivors and victims address stealthing and how; If the department collects data on stealthing; and Whether the practice is mentioned in “data collection guidelines and/or protocols for law enforcement,” and if so, how that guidance is communicated.

The letter was addressed to new Attorney General Bill Barr.

.@RoKhanna (D-CA) and @RepMaloney (D-NY) request hearing for policy response/legislation to “stealthing,” which sure seems like a crime

— Jeff Stein (@JStein_WaPo) October 4, 2017

Rep Carolyn Maloney is on a mission to undo what she calls the administrations “anti-women” agenda, and told Bustle that she is hoping the new attorney general will help fight for more protections for women and victims as a whole.

“Now that we have a new attorney general, we wanted to make sure that Mr. Barr’s attention was called to this issue,” Maloney explained.

“We need to be extremely vigilant to ensure that the DOJ is establishing appropriate standards when it comes to sexual assault reporting and response.”

If new policy is made into law, stealthing would be included in the data for victims of sexual violence. Rep Khanna said the diligence surrounding the letter is to make sure the DOJ to  “explicitly [clarifies] the actions it has taken against the crime of stealthing.”

“Stealthing is sexual assault,” Khanna said.

Khanna insists the effort is “not out of vengeance, it’s not out of a desire to shame individual perpetrators. It’s a desire to change the culture.”



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