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Telling Your Untold Story

How Good Parents Miss Child Sexual Abuse: The 5 Critical Questions You MUST Ask (w/audio)

For Some Stuff, Distance May Be the Only Cure: MVAWG

Lessons Learned from the loss of Gabby Petito

Refreshment from Our Friend Mark V. Smith

Even When Women are at the Center, There Are Calls for Silence

Cops and Domestic Violence: She Became a Cop After Being Shot by Her N.Y.P.D. Boyfriend

“This Never Happens” Happens Again: Rape Against Girls in Schools

If I Were King for A Day: Violence Against Women in Prison

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions: Abuser Manipulation

Wise Words on Codependency

Treat Yourself: Non-Sexualized Costumes for Halloween

Power of the Purses: Who is on Your “Naughty” List This Christmas?

Support a Fellow Women’s Activist/Advocate

Dehumanization for the “Greater Good” is No Good (audio)

True Crime. True Horror. Violence Against Women and Girls (video)

Terribly, Terrible Domestic Violence Statistics We MUST Do Something About (video)

The Violent Cross-Cultural War Against Women During the Covid Pandemic

Surviving Abuse Daily: Mental Health in a Pandemic

To Whom Much Is Given: Churches Are Still Letting Survivors of Violence and Abuse Down (R Kelly Edition)

Uterine Fibroids and Child Abuse Connection

Women & Girls Around the World: Save Lives, Talk About Your Cervix!

The Story Behind Braid the Ladder (video)

The Rudeness of Silencing (audio)

The origins and evolution of ‘Karen’ l Khadija Mbowe

Boundaries Exist

Build Self Compassion in 5 Steps (download)

Missed Feminist Opportunities and Missing White Woman Syndrome (audio)

Quotes for Survivors

Missing White Woman Syndrome: Sad, but Not New

Alice Beatrice Jones: A Scandalous White-Passing Story

Male Delusions Are Potentially Lethal

Why Are Violent Killers Almost Always Men? (video)

The Soul Still Remembers Domestic Violence w/Soulrac (audio)

On Sale Now: My Self Love Journal (printable)

Feel the Good Resources for Dog Lovers

Keep Your Business or Platform Going Even When People Do Not Want You To

The Problem with saying: “That Never Happens”

Bad Clown Behavior: Victim Blamers are (Bad) Clowns (video)

Former Secret Service Agent Shows You How to Handle Emotions When Triggered | Evy Poumpouras (video)

Because People Are Still Saying “This Never Happens”

How to Play Nice So They Will Not Kill You

Violence Against Women Issues Are a Matter of Life or Death

Women’s Healthcare is Self Care (printable)

September: Ovarian Cancer Awareness

What Can Happen When You Ignore the Girls

What This Abuse Survivor Told Her Young Child to Help Keep Him Safe

It Is Time to Stop Pretending That Women’s Rights Aren’t Being Erased

Respect is Just a Minimum

Women Empower Women: Genuine & Victim-Centered Words of Encouragement

The Lemon Tree: Black Women Singing Through the Pain

Female Rights are Human Rights (video)

What’s Expected of a Rape Healing Facilitator (audio)

The Power of Juices

Dear Survivor (video short)

All Around the World Girls Matter (short video)

The Problem with Scapegoating Women and Children

Teen & Dating Violence by Barbara J. Hansen

Black Women: The Light in Darkness (video)

Who Benefits From the Elimination of Female Safe Spaces (video)

Black Women Are Not the Mammy for Every Movement (audio)

Black Women Can Say “NO” Too: Wi Spa Aftermath (audio)

The He-Man Woman Haters Club is Still for Boys (audio)

Survivor Affirmation: I Stand In My Own Truth (video)

Survival Requires Energy Preservation

Survivors You Matter, You Are Not to Be Dismissed (audio)

Truths That Were Exposed By the Wi Spa Video

Reminders for Parents to Protect Children (video)

Surviving Abuse Daily: Speaking of Women

Aja-Blue Ticks and the Pervert (video)

The Power of Anger by CD Pulley

Irony: A Woman’s Well-being Doesn’t Matter at the Spa

The Strong Woman’s Guide to Teaching Healthy Boundaries to Kids

Listening: Parents & Individuals Concerned About Safety This Fall

Surviving Abuse Daily: Women’s Health & Generational Trauma

Surviving Abuse Daily: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

Good Health is Important to Survival

Talking About Differences is a Necessity in Healing Around Sexual & Domestic Violence Part 1

Women & Girls Have the Right to Say “No” (video)

WYATT! 113: “Lovin’ You To Death, Part 1” ……..(w/guest Tonya GJ Prince)

You End Male Violence by Confronting Male Violence

Boundaries That Protect Peace (video)

To Each His/Her Own Extends All the Way to Black Women Too

YOUR SAFETY: About Who you Know

A Lil Viddy About Protecting Love (video) (LGBT)

LUAM: Journal prompts to inspire peace and calm

Recognizing the Rampant Murders of Sex Workers

Femicide, Women, and Male Violence Against Women

The Power of a Black Man’s Voice to Heal the Pain of Violence and Abuse

Parenting Tips: Protecting Children with Disabilities from Abuse (video)

Why Listening to More Women Will Make You Question Everything

Boundaries from: TheGatehouse

An Important Truth About Stranger v. Acquaintance Rape

Dominique Samuels: The Truth About Gender Neutral Toilets.

May Women Be Heard (video)

New Course Available: The Power of Mindfulness

Basic Safety Plan Printable

Let Us Know When Inclusive Means Men are De-Centered and Silenced Too

Yea Virginia, There Really is Female Oppression All Over the World(video)

Supporting Missing Indigenous Women | The View (video clip)

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Part 1

Survivor Affirmations: Bridge Over the Troubled Waters

Surviving Racism & Abuse: Is Racism a Strain of Narcissism

Search Party: 200 + Prompts to Help You Confront Anxiety

Journaling in Quarantine (FREE ebooklet)

Yoga Off the Mat Printable Ebook Journal

Defining Personal Boundaries (infographic)

Unique Issues Facing Black Women Dealing With Abuse

14 Rules of Misogyny (graphic)

Women and Intimate Partner Violence – Domestic Violence in Lesbian Relationships

No Ordinary Love (coming soon), Official Trailer

Ask Readers/Listeners of WE Survive Abuse: The Future of Women’s Rights

Complicated Grief: Understanding for a More Chronic Season of Grief

Does It Look Like Women Have …Spare Time, Energy, & Safe Space? Vol 2

Believing in Sex Positivity After Sex Abuse

From Australia NMHS: A Complete Printable Sexual Abuse Survivor Guide

So Basically, California Doesn’t Give a Damn About Incarcerated Women

Are You Being Silenced, or Silent?

Violence Against Women: More Money, More Problems Vol 1

New Jack City Clip: Using Women & Girls as Protection is Not New

Does it Look Like Women Have Money, Time, Energy, & Safe Spaces to Spare? Vol. 1

On Sale: The Power of Mindfulness (10 audio files w/bonus ebook)

No Means No Worldwide: Decreasing Rape by 50%

Survivor Affirmations: Never Cease to Rise

6 Books Offering Clearer Directions to Your Purpose

After the Toxic Relationship: What to Do

A Money Watch: Fighting Financial Abuse in Relationships

Surviving Abuse Daily: The Empathy Deficiency Crisis

Surviving Abuse Daily: Women & Girls Who Changed the American Education System

In Solidarity with Female Asian & Pacific Islander Victims of Violence

Why Threats to Women & Children’s Safety in Bathrooms is No Laughing Matter

You Are Enough Even if “All You Do” Is Win the Battles Within

Surviving Abuse Daily: Boundary Refresher

Quick Questions to Ask Oneself Before Demanding More from Women (video)

Surviving Abuse Daily: CBD and Women (flip through presentation)

Surviving Abuse Daily: Healing Thyself

Now You’ve Heard of Her: Female Inventors, Innovators, & Scientists

Why Her Boundaries Don’t Need Your Approval (video)

Self-Care Links: Worksheets

Why Do Women Have to Talk So Ugly? (audio)

Dear Future Feminists & Womanists: They Are Not Going to Like You

U.S. military grapples with a rising epidemic of sexual assault in its ranks | PBS NewsHour

Survivor Affirmations: I Release Myself from Toxic Relationships (Audio & video)

Men Silencing Women with the Aid of Other Women? Again (audio)

Been Ending Violence Forever: Black Champions Against Violence

Surviving Abuse Daily: Natural Remedies for Reducing Stress

For Black Women, Rest Is an Act of Resistance and Radical Self-Love

Surviving Abuse Daily: Loved Ones Still Killing in Quarantine

Did White Women Deny Black Women “Womanhood”?

WYATT! Male on Male Domestic Violence

Surviving Abuse Daily: Black Girls Need Protection from Police in Schools

“No” Is A Whole Reason

Internet Marketing for Stay-At-Home Moms

No Silence Zone: Listening to Survivors Talk about Sex and Gender

Girls & Women Don’t Owe ANYBODY Sexual Reparations (audio)

We Know Better: Streaming Recommendations for the Socially Conscious

Surving Abuse Daily: I Can’t Do This Without Laughing

Do FGM and Transgender Issues Collide? (updated w/audio)

Unspoken Truths About Differences Between Women (audio)

Welcome to My America: Let’s Talk About Sexual Coercion

Coercion: The Shame of Shaming People Into Sex

4 Things I Bet Your Parents Didn’t Tell You About Pain in Relationships (audio)

Survivor Affirmations: Health and Opportunities

Vulnerability Disclosure: Women Opening Up About Sex and Gender

Protect Your Body of Visual Work with Watermarkly

Survivor Affirmations: Gratitude and Love (audio)

Racist Micro-Invalidations-Your Racism is Showing

Defund the Police: Did We Get to the Part About Solutions for Victims of Domestic & Sexual Violence Yet?

Survivor Affirmations: I Welcome Good Things

Men are Murdering Women: What We Must Do Now

The Case for Prioritizing Storytelling

Survivor Affirmations: Good Things Are Coming Our Way (audio)

What You Call Yourself is Your Preference, What You Call Me is Mine

Love Safely: Break Through the Mold

If Only We Could Talk About Maternal Mortality As Much As We Talk About Abortion

Put Your Boundaries On (video)

Women, Tain’t Nobody’s Business Who You Choose to Love (audio)

Beautiful in Every Shade: And it All Belongs to YOU! (video)

Sexual coercion & Social Pressure: Things Have Changed BUT Women Still Don’t Owe You Sex

Women, Tain’t Nobody’s Business Who You Choose to Love

Motivational Proverbs from Around the World (free download)

6 Simple Steps to Forming New Habits (download infographic & doc)

High and Mighty Thoughts for the Win! (video)

Survivor Affirmations: I Focus and Make it Happen (video)

Just Be Your YOU (video)

What You Really Must Know about Helping Domestic Violence Victims

To Obtain More Equality for Females We Have to Talk about Males

When it is Finally About You, Choose YOU (video)

Woman, You Are Enough

Surviving Abuse Daily: Violence Within the Church

You Need My Consent to Change My Stuff

Theme Music Playlist for the Storm

The Five Forgotten Benefits of Conflict (audio)

Can US Police Share Their Ample Budgets with Rape Survivors?

Surviving Abuse Daily: About This Blaming Black Women for Violence Against Them

Affirmations for Those Who Await Fairness and Justice (video)

Lessons from Victims: I Thought I Found My Knight (video)

Lessons from Survivors: My Abusive College Boyfriend (video)

How to Avoid Group Think During Extreme Change & Chaos

Surviving Abuse Daily: Rural Women Around the Globe

Affirmations that Empower Children (video)

Surviving Abuse Daily: Warrior Women in History

Surviving Abuse Daily: Untold Stories of American Women’s Fight For Reproductive Justice

I Am Woman, Hear Me More (video)

NO SILENCE: Gender-Based Violence and Sex-Based Violence Against Females

Why Silence Around Women’s Health is Potentially Deadly

The “Not Cute” Truth about Social Change: Rules of Engagement

Based on Lies & Hate: Victim Blaming, Violence, & Racism (video)

Survivor Affirmations: I Learn My Lessons from Life

Surviving Abuse Daily: Faith Through Change

Surviving Abuse Daily: Violence Against Service Members

When Sexual Assaults Made History – HISTORY

Social Anxiety and The Tips: That Work to Ease Anxiety (video)

Surviving Abuse Daily: Why WE Can’t Ever Be Silent About Menstruation

Affirmations Your Haters Wish You Never Heard Before

WIDOWED ATTACKED ABUSED: Black Women Still Changing the Unacceptable

#FGM in the USA: Not Banned in All 50

Appreciating and Celebrating Black Womanhood (affirmation video)

To End It, We Must Confront It: Race, Rape, and Lynching

Minnesota’s Dark History of Lynchings: The Connection to Rape Accusations

10 Habits of Someone Who Doesn’t Know They’re Anti-Black

How to Find the Light in Darkness: Inspiring Quotes on Confidence

Blueprint for Overcoming (video)

The Excuses: Friends, Fam, & Loved Ones Making Excuses for Accused Rapists(video)

How to Confront Imposter Syndrome (video)

FREE ebook download: Inner Self Healing Tips

Survivor Affirmations: Prioritize You, Save You

A Mother’s Painful Choice: For Yakeisha

Survivor Affirmations: Parasol Protections

The Right to Say “NO” is Mine: Youth Edition (video)

Braid the Ladder: Remembering Those Killed by Loved Ones During Quarantine

This All Started with Words (video w/quotes)

Survivor Affirmation: I Choose Hope Over Fear (audio)

Braid the Ladder: The Blackfishing Issue

Ultimate List of Coronavirus Resources for Sexual & Domestic Violence

How to Stand Up to Storms (video)

Storytelling in the Midst of Chaos: Words that Inspire (video)

Scriptures on Serving in All Seasons

Making Your Child Safer: 15 Top Videos

Quotes for When It’s Out There Raining Fear (video)

Theme for the Night Shift: Inspirational Quotes (video)

Surviving Abuse Daily: People of Faith at the Ready

I Do Have Rights, You Know (Personal Rights Affirmation Video)

How to Intentionally Relax: 10 Tips (video)

How Happy Works! (video)

Surviving Abuse Daily: The Fiendish Barbarity of Colorism

Survivor Advice: Tips for a Happy Life (Infographic)

Using Gratitude as a Survival Tool (FREE e download)

Surviving Abuse Daily: Safety Planning During a Pandemic

Surviving Abuse Daily: Your Bill of Rights for Dating & Relationships

Surviving Abuse Daily: Using Gratitude to Survive a Crisis (FREE e-download)

Surviving Abuse Daily: Helping Survivors Sleep

Transgender woman’s murder underscores problem of partner violence plaguing community, advocates say – ABC News

Women’s History: A Call to Ban Hair Discrimination

What’s the Big Deal: The History of Braids & Bans on Black Hair

Just in Case No One Told You: Men Can Stop Rape

Surviving Abuse Daily: Personal Agency Reinforcements

SPEAK: Start Broadcasting with Itunes Podcast

Statistics: Dating Abuse & Violence in Relationships

Surviving Abuse Daily: Teen Girls and Reproductive Abuse

Surviving Abuse Daily: Journey through Healing from Rape

To Forgive or Not to Forgive: Survivors Answering the Question 1

Surviving Abuse Daily: Just the Facts & Stats

Surviving Abuse Daily: A Black History of Rape Vol 1

Black Feminists: Using Our Minds to Win Battles!

What White People Miss about Rape Culture’s Relationship to Black Culture

Survivor Affirmation: I Am Proud of My Growth (video)

Introducing Surviving Abuse Daily! (video)

5 Tips to Help You Manage Triggers

WE Survive Abuse: Black Women Existing in Writing

Setting Boundaries in 7 Easy Steps (downloadable report)

DEVALUATION: How Society Makes Horrific Experiences for Survivors Even Worse

The Real Facts About Black Feminism (video roundup)

Male Survivors: Infographics on Male Sexual Violence

Survivor Call to Action: New Year, New Boundaries

SPEAK: Start a Podcast Today

A Gift for You Because You are Who WE are Grateful For….(FREE download)

Reinforce Your Safety Plan with Safety Strategist Rasool Crawford (audio)

An Overlooked Fact: Men Are Working to End Rape Too! (Part 2)

An Overlooked Fact: Men Are Working to End Rape Too! (Part 1)

FAQ about Trauma, Abuse, & Violence with Gary Jones LCSW

When Will We Finally Be Done Talking About Violence and Abuse?

The Domestic Violence Victim’s Guide to Leaving Safely

WE Need to Talk About: Massage Therapy for Survivors

What is Going On Here?: The Trafficking of Black Victims

Thoughts That Come to Mind When People Act Like Black Women are America’s Help

Helpful Videos for Domestic Violence Victims and Survivors

These Folks Made Money from Their Mistakes (Audio)

Why Black Women Really Face Domestic Violence at Higher Rates

The Adult Learner’s Guide to Studying in 8 Steps (Audio)

Do You Have a Question? Leave a message for WE Survive Abuse

How Talk To Your Kids About ‘Tricky People’

10 Powerful Lessons You Can Learn When it All Falls Apart (2 Part Audio)

25 Things to Remember When the Going Gets Tough (audio)

Resources that Change the Lives of Victims of Domestic Violence

Here Come New Ideas for Ending Self-Defeating Behaviors (audio incl)

‘No thanks Grandma’: Children taught to say no to sloppy kisses to understand consent

7 Tips For Healing From An Abusive Relationship

How the Turntables Turned: Sexuality in Hip Hop

Best Books on Child Safety

Survivor Questions: Is Financial Safety Planning Fair to Your Abusive Spouse?

It’s Anti-Black to Side Up with People Raping Community Members

365 POSITIVE! 365 Days of Positive Affirmations to Transform Your Entire Life

The Bondage Breaker-Hypnotherapy For Overcoming Pain, Fear And Childhood Abuses To Attain Freedom By 

Because Privilege Still Buys Passes in the Criminal Justice System: Castration Laws

Let Me Tell You the Truth about Triggers (Audio)

The Myth of Unconditional Gratitude

Throwback Post…Letter from an Angry Survivor of Sexual Violence about this Bill Cosby Tragedy

This is Where WE Listen: Must Have Books on Domestic & Sexual Violence

Surviving Abuse Daily 7 Songs Survivors Sing to Fuel Resilience

FAQ: Where Are All the Black Women When My New Favorite Viral News Story is Trending

How Should Churches Handle Sexual Abuse Allegations?

How to Live a Healthy Life While Dealing with Unhealthy Circumstances (audio by Coach Shaun James)

Why Black History Month Matters To Psychotherapy

What you should know about human trafficking, and how you can help victims

Just a Call: Send Your Favorite Playlists for Hope & Healing for Survivors

20 Questions U Might Want to Ask Your Partner at Some Point in the Near Future: Conflict (Part 2) (Audio)

20 Questions U Might Want to Ask Your Partner at Some Point in the Near Future: Conflict (Part 1) (Audio)

Things to Remember if You’re a Survivor:  Self Confidence

8 Insightful Articles on Child Sexual Abuse in Sports

A Full List of Crisis Hotlines: Help is Near

Innovative Ways to Reduce Anxiety While You Wait,(P1) Tonya GJ Prince

Their Eyes Are Watching: Children witnessing domestic violence

7 Quick Top Tips for Overcoming Trauma (audio by Tonya GJ Prince)

8 Tips About Owning a Credit Card That You Must Know (Part 2)

4 Eye-Opening Statistics on Effects of Rape & Sexual Assault on Women

Things Aren’t Always What You See (HQ)

Anti-Survivors: You will deal, We will Heal (Part 1)

Imperfect Victims: How Hard Is It to BE a Good Person? (audio episode)

Revealed: Black Men, Violence, and Abuse

Can Children Just Get Over Domestic Violence?

The Silencing of the Stories and Work of Black Women

Friends Don’t Leave Friends at Parties: The Safety Plan

A Critical Racist Mistake Even Non-Racists Make and How to Avoid It

Ultimate List: 11 Ways the Church Community Can Help Victims of Domestic Violence

A Must Read: Bishop Eddie Long Is Not the Only One Who’s Dead

Throwback Post…We Gotta Ask Pregnant Moms Who Are Survivors Better Questions

What the Church and People of Faith Can Do to Help Victims of Sexual and Domestic Violence

Victim-Blaming: The Real Deal

No Gratitude, No Quilt: You May Never Fully Heal From Pain Without Gratitude

How Survivors of Sexual & Domestic Violence Can Make History

3 Powerful Black Women Who Made History Share Experiences with Violence and Abuse

What Racists and Child Rape Apologists Have in Common

Sexual Violence Against Males: No Video, No Witnesses, and It IS Killing Them

How Mainstream Feminists, Women’s Orgs & Sexual Assault Orgs Feed the Culture of Violence

How to Get the Truth Around Obstacles of Myths, Lies, & Distraction: Infographics

How to Break Through Group Think and Get Your Message Delivered

How Survivors Can Preserve the Lessons from Their Experiences for Storytelling

Survivors Have the Right to Tell Their Stories

High Five From WESurvive: Lavon Morris Grant A Spiritual Miracle

Throwback Post….No Justice, No Piece: To Organizations, Movements, & Activists Who Are Not Yet Intersectional

Is this the Real Truth about Sexual Violence that No One Wants to Say Out Loud

What’s In a Name: A Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse names Her Rapist

Why Does Society Make it Difficult for Survivors of Rape & Abuse to Come Forward? Part 2

Why Does Society Make it Difficult for Survivors of Rape & Abuse to Come Forward? Part 1

6 Smart Tactics to Help Survivors Strengthen Confidence

Did You Hear the Joke about Blue Ivy, Brown Girls & Sexual Abuse? ME NEITHER

The Secret for Ending the Cycle of Abusive Relationships and Finding the Healthy One

What a Difference a Voice Makes

Throwback Post….4 Critical Takeaways from the Bill Cosby Tragedy for Celeb Pals, Fans, & the Public

Throwback Post…..The Good, The Bad, or The Child Molester

What No One Tells You About Spanking And Sexual Abuse

The Truth About Child’s Play and Child Sexual Abuse

Throwback Post…Who is Hosting the 2015 Awards Ceremony for Rapists and Abusers

Part 2: How to Teach Kids to Say “No” and Tell on a Child Sex Abuser ASAP

Part 3: How to Teach Kids to Say & Tell on a Child Sex Abuser ASAP

What takes so long: 7 Stages of Adjustment to Healing from Sexual Violence

How What We Don’t Know About Suicide is Killing People

Throwback Post….An Open Letter to My Fellow Christians about Sex Abuse

The Truth about Child Sexual Abuse & Respect

The Faux Fight Against Child Sex Abuse