Women Empower Women: Genuine & Victim-Centered Words of Encouragement

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“You did not deserve such treatment.”

“You deserve to be treated better.”

“It was not your fault”

“No one deserves to be treated this way, no matter what.”

“I don’t like seeing you treated this way.”

“You can overcome this.”

“You are not stupid, crazy, nor dumb.”

“You were strategic and strong enough to make it this far.”

“It takes strength to live with truths others fear and avoid at all costs.”

“Making a mistake does not mean that you are a mistake.”

“Look how brave you have been before.”

“Look how strong you have been.”

“Even when your voice tremors your voice is so strong because it continues to speak the truth.”

“You can get through this.”

“You can survive this.”

“You can try again as often as you need to.”

“Healing takes as long as it takes. There is no deadline.”

“The goal is to heal for yourself, not heal fast enough for others.”

“Your greatest asset in life is that you are you and no one else is.”

“The world has much to gain from the lessons you’ve learned in life.”

“You are valuable”

“You are lovable”

“You are brave.”

“You are courageous.”

“You will have the victory.”

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