Parent and Child Safety Advocate Questions Around New Florida Legislation


Schools could face lawsuits if they don’t force girls to undergo a “health examination …

Source: Florida passes bill requiring some girls to undergo genital inspections for school sports / LGBTQ Nation

Being both an advocate for child safety and a parent I have concerns.

My child loves sports so a full physical was state law. I’m not unfamiliar with a child’s physicians inspecting boys private regions. With boys, groin injuries become another thing you have to learn about. 

I get that states have to be concerned for the health, safety, and well-being of all students. 

I also get that their wallets have to be concerned about liability. 

Still, there will be questions and concerns from educators, parents, guardians, and students.

Additional questions:

What is involved in so-called “genital inspections”?  Observation of genitalia? More?

  • Why is it that only the girls are subjected to these verifications of sex?

  • If a child is new to the state or doesn’t often see a doctor, will there be an approved list of doctors? Will any doctor do? Is a certain type of specialist required? (Ex: some parents have children who see a specialist more often than they see the child’s pediatrician.)

  • Will physicians be required to examine children in the presence of parent/guardian? nurse? (Hopefully, yes)

  • Are physicals required for all students to play on sports teams? (Hopefully, yes.  To turn these examinations into something that is only required for students whose sex/sexuality is a question to someone is a set-up for bullying, self-esteem issues, depression etc….)

  • What would be the objection to making this a part of all student sports physicals?

  • Where do the various organizations and child safety activists stand on this issue?

  • If parents need to make a complaint, who do they speak with?

  • Protect all students