FAQ: Where Are All the Black Women When My New Favorite Viral News Story is Trending



Question:  Where are Black women who rally against abusive Black men when “XYZ crime” is committed against the community on this day?

Answer: Every time you see a sexually violent crime go down/be reported and ask where the Black Women of #MeToo are, know this: 


We are returning phone calls/emails of people in distress…. Sometimes to the point of suicide. 

We’re in court, a magistrate’s office, a police station, doctor’s offices, emergency rooms..advocating in spaces that put Black/Brown people, their families, friends in jail for being “violent” even when video proves they were not. We’re witnesses, voices, & pocketbooks. 

‏We’re gathering money, often a few pennies at a time if necessary. Oh. Did you know that justice for Black and Brown people’s is more expensive???



We’re in prisons serving people who there but for the grace of God go us, because the overwhelming majority of prison populations are victims/Surivors of abuse, domestic violence, child molestation and rape.  We’re fighting for accountability while fighting against the criminalization of pain, ptsd, self-medication and trauma without accessible, affordable, culturally fluent care.

We’re in schools fighting the abuse to prison pipeline.

We’re everywhere where someone needs to be reminded to put their hate aside and do the job they are being paid to do.

We’re consoling fellow advocates/activists in the work when someone they served is killed on the community and justice system’s watch.‏

We’re trying to be mothers, wives, sisters, cousins, aunties to our own kin. Advocacy in this area IS a whole family affair. Our own families serve communities through the sacrifices we apologetically ask them to make daily.

We’re trying to heal our own pain and trauma b/c we ourselves were/still are being hurt by people we called fam and friends. We’re avoiding the lethal temptation to use, call him/her, gamble, or give up for the last final time b/c this torture.

We’re finding every creative way to break these chains of abuse and rape that began from the Middle Passage. Now that’s some superhero stuff right there.

We’re reminding others that rape has been weaponized against Black, Brown & Native Americans to uphold white supremacy since Columbus claimed he found an America that had already been discovered.   

Don’t you ever ask me where I am for a #MeToo issue, victim, or Survivor.




Ask yourself why YOU aren’t right here, fighting with us for the health, safety, well-being, and healing for YOUR people.

Because in conclusion, we need more heads, hands, and hearts out here. Folks are bleeding and dying every minute of every day. Please feel free to stand where our ancestors stood….to stand where we stand and help somebody like search & rescue ain’t never coming.

P.S. Simply asking derailing questions isn’t “work”.

P.S.S. There are many Black men working to prevent, heal, and end sexual and domestic violence. Those guys NEVER ask Black women where we are because they are right here with us….where we have always been.


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