Even When Women are at the Center, There Are Calls for Silence

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Sharing our notes…..

Rape is life-altering….

Rape is a health-altering….

Rape is a family-altering….

Rape is a community-altering ….


Rape is not a difference of opinion.

There ain’t one day in the life of a woman that some other human isn’t advising her to be silent, 

quieter, laugh less or shut her mouth.

Ignore them. 

My Granny: “Baby child, don’t ya know when ya die, right after the funeral, they will still be gossiping about you?”

Have your say!

People, organizations, and companies are trying to hv conversations around safety for women & children that deny the facts and statistics.

These type of conversations can’t start from lies.

We are not living in a world that is safe for women, accountable, nor invested in preventing violence against women.

Genuine & sincere convos around safety, ending violence against women & girls, ending violence against children must start with FACTS & TRUTH or you are playing in our faces.

Start from we are not safe, never have been & what are you prepared to do to help change that?

In a world where violence against women & girls is çommonplace….

it is healthy to self check-in with:

What would make you feel emotionally safe?

What would make you feel physically safe?


1. Only you know.

2. You can only answer that for you, not other females.

If they start conversations about safety with lies, you might as well stop talking to them.  

Violence against women & children IS horror. 

If you can’t even deal with facts and truth it may not be the topic of conversation for you.

“Each time a WOMAN stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” 

-Maya Angelou

Have your say. 

Tell stories. 

Pass on lessons from history.

Illuminate facts, injustice, violence, abuse, & the horror of rape. 


Life is not pre-school. 

There are no “rewards” for staying silent about the violence and abuse you have to strategize and outmaneuver just to live your life as a female.

‘If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it. ‘ Zora Neale Hurston 

Women & girls who SPEAK against violence against women and girls, which is still global wide and out of control- are bold in the same way that most storytellers are.

Males use *rape*, *abuse*  *violence* and murder as weapons against women & girls

every. single. day.

Any woman or girl who speaks against this in an effort to secure her own safety, and that of her sisters is a brave and courageous shero.

Her boundaries are not yours to give away.

Fact: We live in a world that uses violence against women to entertain, as a tool of war, & to make life more comfortable for males. 

So avoid debating with women girls about their needs to feel emotionally & physically safe.

And If they empathize with the predator or rapist over the victim….you already know.