Driving Out Darkness with Your Light: An Affirmation for Survivors

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Is it me or has 2016 been moving at warp speed?  

I wrote on social media that it feels like I just met this 2016 person and things are moving a little too fast here. So maybe it isn’t the speed as much as it is the quality. 
To tell you the truth, 2016 has a lot of baggage, drama, and darkness. 2015 was like this at times, yes, but that was 12 months. This is day 20. 
We are going to make it. As a matter of fact, we are going to thrive and be victorious. As a reminder, I pulled out this affirmation for us as a reminder. Check it out if you’d like. 
When there is darkness, a greater light within me guides my way.
Darkness is powerless when I am around because I bring light with me wherever I go. I shine my light boldly and proudly so that others may be uplifted by it.
The light of courage within me outshines the dark clouds of fear. Fear has no place in my life. I embrace the unknown as a new adventure and let go of all concern, surrounding myself with peace.
The darkness of hate does not stand a chance against the light of love within me. I choose to love all people regardless of who they are and what they look like.
My light shines brightest when I offer love and friendship even to those who hate me.
My pleasant attitude shines brighter than the negativity all around me.  The darkness of disappointment dissipates when I bring my positive spirit to the table.
In difficult situations, the negativity in others surrenders to the power of my light.
My passion to be a problem solver drives away the shadows cast by difficult problems. I choose to value others with utmost respect. My desire for meaningful relationships prevents me from ever entering the valley of loneliness.
My internal light charts the path for my day.
Even when I feel like there is nothing left for me to give, I find a way to shine a little brighter and chase away the dark clouds in my way.
Today, I choose to shine with a positive attitude and a warm smile. With courage, love and peace, I eliminate all darkness from my life.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1.    Why must I shine?
2.    How can I shine in the face of adversity?
3.    With whom can I share my light today?


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