‘Domestic murderers are often likeable men – that’s how they have been able to abuse women’

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Davina James-Hanman has spent 30 years fighting to protect survivors of domestic abuse. Now she investigates the deaths of women killed by their partners. What has she learned?

Davina James-Hanman has only met one self-aware murderer. It’s not that they are generally monsters. “They are often personable and likeable, and that is how they have been able to abuse women,” she says. But self-awareness? That’s a rarer commodity among the men – and it is overwhelmingly men – who now kill their partners or ex-partners in the UK at a rate of three every week.

She met the exception to the rule after he had been in prison for 18 months. “By then he was really owning what he’d done.” Generally, she says, men who kill their partners are, “still defensive, still in denial – and they still want you to accept that she was asking for it”.

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