#DiversifyYourFeed: Feed Yourself Diversity on Social Media

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I found this great tool online that I wanted to share with readers. I am passing this information onto you with no sponsorship or anything of the sort. Just sharing in the name of supporting diversity.


Results for @TonyaGJPrince:

I’ll even share my own results.  Feel free to share yours.

Your feed is 44.1% women, 48.3% men, and 7.6% non-binary.

That’s 6.1% more gender-balanced than the DiversifyYourFeed average and 6.8% less gender-balanced than the UK Population.

FYI: recent polls put the UK’s population at ~50.93% female and ~48.93% male with ~0.14% identifying as ‘other’ and ~2% identifying as LGBT+.

Now you know! What you do next is up to you.