Defund the Police: Did We Get to the Part About Solutions for Victims of Domestic & Sexual Violence Yet?

My fear is this is about to be just as polarized as the abortion debate.
There are health issues too, but there are also the issues of boys/men who get women pregnant and kill them because they don’t want the responsibility of a child.

Advocates and crisis counselors frequently provide support for these women to strategize safety for a pregnant woman trying to stay safe from a wannabe assassin seeking to kill her and her unborn child(ren).

Defund the police only works as a social media hashtag and call-to-action during protests.

Otherwise, it is an obstacle to real-world solutions. The police definitely have a problem policing themselves and they are a threat and danger to others.

Right now, it is a welcome change that debates around policing are even happening.  Still, we have to continue to make sure that the debates are moving everyone closer to the goal of safety and survival for everyone.

On all sides it is becoming an atmosphere of you are either for us or against us. That’s fine if you are the police but is that working for the rest of us?

We run the risk of this debate becoming just as ostracized as the debate around pro-choice and pro-life. In that debate, you have to pick a team. Not just pick a team, but become a diehard fan.

Where is the option for, “I choose health, support, safety, and needs provision for all human beings?”

Painful Truths
This debate is excruciating for me.  Personally, as a Black woman, I have a higher likelihood of being raped (again) or killed by so many things.
Police, medical professionals, a loved one, disease.
The same goes for the Black people, young and old, that I love very much. I have over two and a half decades of professional experience serving victims of domestic and sexual violence. This thing is very real for me.
*Listen, it is true that too many police commit acts of abuse/rape against vulnerable citizens. Painfully, painfully true.
It is also true that the lives of some victims of domestic violence have been saved by police when the “loved one” was trying to kill them. 
 *It is true that there are too many girls/women right now, who pray that they make it to a phone in time to call the police b/4 their relationship partner kills them and/or their children…. like he said he would.
 Can I Be Safe Too?
*Victims of domestic violence care may care about Black lives, victims of domestic violence are Black lives themselves… AND wonder who will come speeding through traffic just to save them from a violent loved one.
*You have some people who would say, I am safer with the police. And they might be right.
*Defund the police solves many problems, but it also creates many problems and continues to leave other problems neglected.  It doesn’t tell us who will come in an emergency.  What the plan will be when they get there.
We most certainly do not have millions of child, men, women and children of abuse, rape, torture, beatings and homicide because the community is doing an amazing job keeping fellow citizens safe.
The problem with the police is huge and complex.
The problem with racism is huge and complex.
The problem with domestic violence is huge and complex.
The problem with sexual violence is huge and complex.
But, THE goal is for *everyone* to be safe.
Victims of domestic/relationship abuse also have reason to fear for their lives daily. Terrified.
What solutions to this very real problem with police support their survival?