Celebrities Called on the Carpet: WE Survive Abuse 5 Best Posts of 2015

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I don’t mind addressing celebrities in relation to  issues of domestic & sexual violence who use their platforms to shame, intimidate, or otherwise bully alleged and/or actual victims.

I don’t like that there is a necessity for it in this society. 

I don’t like that other groups and organizations remain selectively silent about some celebrities while extremely vocal about others.

However, celebrities know very well what they are doing when they decide to speak out against victims. 

You don’t hear them mention any product names ever. 
Not the brand of cereal they eat. 
Not the toothpaste they use.  
Not the name of their favorite brand of underwear.  

Know why? That info is valuable to someone’s company.  They could get PAID.  And, they know it.

So those random thoughts about their “friend” being accused of domestic/sexual violence aren’t usually as random as they may appear. 

Please, be a good friend if that is what the latest accused celebrity is to you. WE Survive Abuse just asks that you refrain from using your platform to intimidate and shame alleged (and/or) actual victims.

Here were our best posts for 2015:

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Honorable Mention: 

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