A Gift for You Because You are Who WE are Grateful For….(FREE download)

Follow tonyagjprince & wesurviveabuse This year, my family will not be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday that we were taught about in school.  Nevertheless, we value many of the traditions that came out of those stories.  This week we focus on coming together and counting our blessings.   You are who we are grateful for. We are […]

How Good Parents Miss Child Sexual Abuse: The 5 Critical Questions You MUST Ask

Follow tonyagjprince & wesurviveabuse Update:  I published this during the summer months (2015). It spread rapidly across quite a few popular websites and I got a great deal of positive feedback.   May we get better every day at protecting children and keeping them safe.   How do good parents miss child sexual abuse? How do […]

20 Questions U Might Want to Ask Your Partner at Some Point in the Near Future: Conflict (Part 2) (Audio)

Follow tonyagjprince & wesurviveabuse In intimate relationships, conflicts are inevitable. Conflict has an undeserved bad reputation. But, conflicts aren’t a bad thing. They can be healthy. They can be safe. However, conflicts can become violent and dangerous when couples don’t have a plan for resolving conflicts safely. Here are  10 of 20 questions to help […]

Their Eyes Are Watching: Children witnessing domestic violence

Follow tonyagjprince & wesurviveabuse October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  WESurviveAbuse.com collaborated AndHeRestorethMySoulProject.org to bring awareness to how domestic violence impacts children.   Here is the video that we produced for the project founded by Darlene J. Harris.           Watch this video on YouTube.   Follow tonyagjprince & wesurviveabuse

Anti-Survivors: You will deal, We will Heal (Part 1)

Follow tonyagjprince & wesurviveabuse Even though Mama warned me that there would be days like this:                   When #MeToo took off I felt uplifted about the epidemic of sexual violence.  Inspired. Motivated. Hopeful. A great swell of healing was entering the atmosphere. I am very familiar with […]

Imperfect Victims: How Hard Is It to BE a Good Person? (audio episode)

Follow tonyagjprince & wesurviveabuse Gabrielle Douglas received a lot of criticism when she victim blamed her Olympic teammate who disclosed sexual abuse. Criticism continued even after Gabrielle revealed that she too was sexually abused. This episode addresses imperfect Survivors. Host, Tonya GJ Prince shares her own story of being an imperfect Survivor.   Listen here–>>  […]

How Survivors of Sexual & Domestic Violence Can Make History

Follow tonyagjprince & wesurviveabuse Fannie Lou Hamer! Motown! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr! Rosa Parks! Angela Davis! Eartha Kitt! Recy Taylor! Dr. Maya Angelou! Nina Simone! Dorothy Dandridge! Motown! Malcolm X!   Names you’ve heard. Just judging by who is mentioned during Black History Month, it might seem that, in order to make history one […]

How to Get the Truth Around Obstacles of Myths, Lies, & Distraction: Infographics

Follow tonyagjprince & wesurviveabuse Let Me Tell It I once worked as the sexual assault Outreach Advocate for the state of Virginia.    Here is what I learned.  What one thing that I learned is that no human being can tell everyone’s story. It is just impossible.   It is why I like to build platforms […]

man holding broken mirror

How to Break Through Group Think and Get Your Message Delivered

Follow tonyagjprince & wesurviveabuse You might have heard of a concept called “group think”. Short version: It means when everyone goes along in the same direction because that is what they are used to.  They almost do it habitually.  Like a routine They forgot ‘why’ a long time ago.  In fact, the ‘why’ doesn’t even matter […]

How Survivors Can Preserve the Lessons from Their Experiences for Storytelling

Follow tonyagjprince & wesurviveabuse In order to tell your story, you are going to need the details. No one can tell your story like you can. And Survivors have some of the most fascinating stories ever. Why?   1.Stories of good vs. evil are of great interest to people from the time that they are […]