BOLD Authors Required: Telling Stories of Intimate Personal Violence

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Two issues that take courage, innovation, and dedication.

Two courageous, innovative, and dedicated writers.

E. Lynn Harris:

It was a different time then.

When intimate partner violence was, “a private matter between husband and wife.” …..

When LGBT issues were to be prayed away, ignored, and completely banished and forbidden ….

E. Lynn Harris was boldly writing engaging stories about both. Growing up, E. Lynn Harris was a favorite contemporary writer in our household. His writing voice is bold, hilarious, and compelling.

Wyatt Evans:

It’s still incredibly difficult for writers to tackle the problem of Intimate Partner Violence in the LGBT community.  But it must be done. Wyatt Evans does it well. In addition to his hosting duties of: The Wyatt O’Brian Evans Show

Mr. Evans also is a journalist, whose bylines have appeared in both print and on-line media outlets including the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Baltimore Gay Life, Bilerico, BaltimoreOUTloud, Washington Blade.

Please check out his new book:

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