Black Feminists: Using Our Minds to Win Battles!


I forgive y’all for letting grief make you lose all your self-respect, home training, and logic.

Let me remind you though. Black women are divine!

If for no other reason, here’s this:

Black women know and have always known how to live what Dr. King said: Disagree without being  “violently” disagreeable. In fact, I believe this to be one of the greatest divine gifts bestowed upon all of humanity ever.

Black women don’t have to call you out of your name, belittle you, curse you, threaten you, assault you, oppress you or erase your existence to live in harmony with you.

We don’t have to like love you to fight for your right to have the same rights as others.

We don’t have to know in love for us to passionately wage a fight for your right to justice.

You don’t have to be my king for me to fight for you.

Black feminism is love for all that is good in humanity.

Black women are phenomenal beings who don’t desire to conquer, own, enslave nor oppress anyone. We already know that we can live loving, power-filled, and beautiful lives without that nonsense.

WE learn. We teach. We share. We grow. We forgive.

Gayle King is owed many apologies from many people. I can’t accept any apologies on her behalf, but trust; even if she chooses to forgive you…..We forgive, but we don’t ever forget.

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