Best of Our Blogs: March 29, 2019

How to Break Painful Relationship Patterns
Awakening to Reiki Abuse: #MeTooReiki
Destination Heal: A New Podcast Where Grief Has Breathing Space

Earlier this week I asked you to write down all the courageous things you’ve done in your life. To end the week, focus on your super power strength.

We often compare ourselves with celebrities and the uber talented with their incomparable gifts.

You have a plethora of brag worthy strengths too. It might go unnoticed because spotting a narcissist, juggling parenthood and chronic illness, and surviving a difficult childhood may not be Instagrammable. But it’s still pretty amazing things that not everyone can do.

Whether it’s tackling your emotional wounds, bringing light to depression, blogging about your experience or finding ways to understand your loved one, I’d love to read your super hero strength in the comments below.

How Childhood Trauma Results in Depression and Unhappiness in Adulthood (Psychology of Self) – You never seen depression in this light. Here are the unexpected signs and reasons why you’re depressed.

8 Tips for Healing Emotional Wounds (Happily Imperfect) – If you need hope right now, this post will remind you that emotional healing is possible.

The Little Things That Can Get You Through Depression (Tales of Manic Depression) – These surprisingly small things can bring light if you’re suffering through depression.

Explanations Aren’t Excuses: Understanding Asperger’s Thinking (Divergent Thinkers, Asperger’s, NLD & More) – When misunderstanding happens, there’s hurt on both sides. This will give you insight into the way your loved one thinks.

3 Compassion Secrets for For Relationships That Last (Conflict Without Casualties) – You want a better relationship? Here’s how to be a master at it.

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