Because Privilege Still Buys Passes in the Criminal Justice System: Castration Laws


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As a Black Woman, and long-time advocate against child sexual abuse I have concerns about laws making it legal to castrate perpetrators of rape against children. Of course, I am Always on the side of victims, especially child victims.

That said, such laws have never made Black communities safer.  Instead, these laws have directly caused increased silence in Black communities.

For Black people, the decision to call the police has always been weighed heavily.  Crimes where victims or caretakers of victims of crimes where there is no tangible proof may be less likely to bother.  Why take the chance of something going even worse than what you initially called for in the first place.

What could be worse than the rape of a child you ask? Death.


What communities know is that justice can not be found in spaces where accountability is low.

When you can kill unarmed Black people and get to return to your life after an investigation that was always going to find no fault in your actions…

You’ve essentially been handed a license to kill as long as “you fear for your life.” It’s not a secret and you can’t hide what’s in plain sight to those who choose to see the truth.


As an advocate, I’ve worked closely with police officers. I’m related to police officers. I respect police officers. 

So, even more, I want them to want better for their own profession. I want them to hold the police who bring down the profession accountable for their actions, if only for your own sakes.

  1. Chemical castration laws have always, always, always been used like a weapon against Black men.
  2. White and wealthy accused perpetrators have always been able to use their privilege to buy a pass through the American justice system.
  3. Certain officers and employees of the American justice system have been able to use their privilege to buy a pass to set up innocent Black children, women, and men. See: When They See Us on Netflix.
  4. With a punishment so permanent, cruel, and historically loaded, frightened victims and their families will likely be more likely to remain silent.
  5. I find it strange that our systems want to talk of castration when it comes to sexual violence and but nothing like this for other crimes. What we know about racism is that it has always had issues with sex at its very foundation. Yes, I’ve heard the argument that castration keeps perpetrators from assaulting more children.

     1.Over the years, I’ve read reliable studies that question this.

  1. Of all the various methods of sexual violence, child sexual abuse is known to lack the component of the male appendage.

I continue to teach, know, and understand that sexual violence has a low number of false accusations especially compared to other crimes. 

As a Black Woman, a Survivor, and a longtime advocate to other victims/Survivors of sexual violence; I want more justice, not less.

I don’t put a lot of trust into the American justice system.

My reasons are both proven……throughout history until this very day. 



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